Ensuring knowledge of the newest tax laws, we take care for your business by providing a top quality consultants and managing of your taxes. Filing of your personal and corporate taxes and timely HST reporting. We keep you were it matters.

The requirement to prepare, file, and pay taxes is an unavoidable and disagreeable burden. At R & S Accounting Services we help take the sting out of tax time by providing our clients with state of the art tax preparation, filing, and support services. Services designed to minimize their tax bill while providing a headache free, accurate, and timely filing experience.

Tax preparation services for:
- Corporations - T2
- Individuals - T1
- Sole proprietorships/Small businesses - T2125
- HST Sales tax reporting


From individuals to couples or even extended families we provide our clients optimised tax minimisation. Expert support for more complex tax filings including employment expenses, moving expenses, or rental income properties. Our accurate preparation and timely tax filing ensures a hassle free tax return. And we support every income tax return we file so our clients can be assured of our assistance in the unlikely case of any CRA enquiry.


We provide comprehensive tax services for sole proprietors, partnerships, and private corporations. Our services include income tax, payroll, and sales tax filings and support. Our tax services are designed to integrate with our accounting and bookkeeping services but are also available independently.