CRA Appeals

With numerous years of experience with CRA Audits we can help you sleep easy at night when you get a letter from CRA!

Have you received a letter from the CRA indicating that your tax returns have been selected for an audit? Are you unsure how to handle this stressful situation? Are you experiencing sleepless nights because of this tax audit letter? Worry no more, we are one of the best audit service providers in Canada, and we can help you!

Confronting a CRA audit is undoubtedly a daunting task. A tax audit often leaves tax payers overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety and fear which make it difficult for them to function well. While the CRA allows you to represent yourself in a CRA audit, it is in your best interest to hire R & S Accounting Services to represent you. We understand the reasons and the intention of every audit and are able to thusly prepare accordingly.

Would you consider going to trial without a lawyer? It’s the same for a tax audit. Our team of professionals at R & S Accounting Services make a huge difference on the outcome of your audit. R & S Accounting Services will help you to defend the audit, which is better than to wait for the prospect to appeal it. We can save you time and money!

Dealing with the CRA auditor is important and will go faster and more smoothly if you have the help of experienced tax professionals like us. We can do the necessary dealing with the CRA on your behalf so you can rest easy at night.