With our numerous years of experience we have helped our clients legally minimise their tax bills, saving them hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Our success is based on a proactive long term approach to consulting with and educating our clients. Working with our clients we engineer and implement strategies designed to optimise their specific situation. And we continue to adapt as our client’s circumstances and the tax rules change.

At R & S Accounting Services, we provide a wide range of management consulting services for our clients, based on a long track record of excellence and expertise in various sectors. We work with clients to identify the specific issues affecting their Company, after which we develop a specific plan of action that is clearly communicated and reflective of the Company’s needs.

Proper financial planning is at the core of any business. On top of having skills in accounting and finance, proper financial planning requires analytical skills to comprehend the shifts and trends in the market. Moreover, it’s important to have business-planning skills to develop financial strategies that will allow an organization to profit. Another skill that is typically underestimated is being able to communicate in a clear manner so that everyone involved understands the budgetary goals of the company completely and thoroughly.

Our consulting services:
- Risk management: Identification, analysis and mitigation
- Optimization of business operations (process management)
- Financial analysis and analytics
- Program evaluation, strategic planning and business process improvement
- Collection, analysis and interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data for implementing business improvements